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Chyna Shiggles

I am a fine artist operating under the name Chyna Shiggles. While Chyna is my real name, Shiggles is not. I adopted that pseudonym to remind myself that I started doing art for Shits and Giggles and to not ever let myself get too serious when creating.

If you see something you are interested in or are curious about commissions reach out!

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Heavily influenced by Austrian painters Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, I wanted to create a series with obvious paint strokes and unusual colors.

Butt Cheeks Bro (Named by an 8 year old boy)

A series created to show the flowing shapes and forms of the human body. I created it with the idea of helping with body dysmorphia.

Socially Distant

A series created to represent the sorrow of the time we were apart, but the joy of being together. I chose melancholy poses and bright bold colors to try and represent this.

Resting Bitch Face

A series created out of the frustration of being told to "smile more". I wanted to show that women can be strong beautiful with out smiling.

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