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Cat - in English


Every paint pan smells of Lavender and Honey and is hand mixed and mulled in small batches to make sure the texture is just right.


Mieze is woman-owned and run, and when we say woman, we mean just the one. Chyna creates each pan of paint down to the color mixture. She wanted to create paints that were full of pigment and had a creamy texture. After experimenting with ratios she figured out how to prepare the gum arabic to her standards and then began to experiment with the other ingredients eventually getting it to the ideal texture. 

As of now, she has created a line of over 20 colors and is looking to expand this as suggestions or inspiration happens.





If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Chyna by email or the comment bubble.​

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All the paints are handmade. Color and texture may vary, but we do our very best to keep it consistent!
Mieze does wholesale and likes to work with like-minded companies. If you are interested in wholesale feel free to contact me!